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Vintage Base Ball Teams

Here are some Vintage Base Ball Teams that have played at Community Park.

The Springfield Long Nine were formed as team in 2008.  The team plays rules of 1858.  Springfield is situated a little more than half way between Chicago and St Louis with the Long Nine playing teams from both areas as well playing festivals in Wisconsin, Indiana, Ohio, Arizona, and Pennsylvania.  Our name is somewhat unique in that it is derived from a group of legislators, Abraham Lincoln and 8 others, who in 1847 were lobbying to have the Illinois capitol moved from Vandalia, Illinois to Springfield, Illinois.  All nine legislators stood over 6 feet tall so the local Springfield media dubbed them the "Long Nine".   As a result of the name being 'period' in nature, with obvious Base Ball connotations, it seemed a perfect fit for our team.

McLean County Prairie Chickens      


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St. Louis Perfectos      ​                             WEB PAGE

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St. Charles Explorers      

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Belleville Stags        www.bellevillestags.com

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Vermillion Voles

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Lafayette  Square Vintage Base Base Club

Representing the game of base ball by the rules of 1860. 


Home field at Lafayette Square Park in St. Louis, Missouri.

Alton Giants       Find us on Facebook.

Vintage Base Ball Club that plays by the rules and customs of the year of 1858. Home Grounds are located at Rock Spring Park in Alton, Illinois

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Rock Springs Ground Squirrels       Find us on Facebook.

Baseball as it was meant to be played!  No Gloves!  No Fear!

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Vandalia Old Capitals                        Find us on Facebook.

The Old Capitals was started the summer of 2015 at the Lincoln Heritage Festival! Steve Hawkins, the Team Manager asked to put a team together for the Festival! The Team won it, and has been asked to play in more events!

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Chicago Salmon                     www.chicagosalmon.org                       ​

We play a vintage style of base ball dating back to 1858 and are affilliated with the Vintage Base Ball Association. We have a roster consisting of players from around the Chicagoland area and have matches against other area teams and “barnstorm” on the road to Michigan, Indiana, and Wisconsin.

Oregon Ganymedes                       Find us on Facebook.                            

The Oregon Ganymedes are a vintage baseball team based out of Oregon, Illinois. We play by the rules of 1858. We play our home games near the Chana School at Oregon Park East.

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Somonauk Blue Stockings        www.somonaukbluestockings.org            ​Contact Us By Email

The Blue Stockings of Northville and Sheridan was a team that played base ball in the Somonauk (Northville Township) area in the 19th century. Written records only go back to 1876, but the first mention in the Somonauk Reveille that year stated ”…the Blue Stockings were again victorious.” The Blue Stockings' name was resurrected for the new vintage base ball club formed in 2006.

Cincinnati Red Stockings are re-introducing 1869 base ball to the Queen City and the Midwest, educating folks on a special time in baseball's history while entertaining fans of the game young and old. Their home field is at Heritage Village in Sharon Woods Park. Here at home, the game is played as faithfully as possible to 1869 rules and customs - barehanded fielding, uniforms and equipment generally made to the standards of the day, no leagues or champions, and much more. It is played by gentlemen with a true respect and appreciation for the game and its participants... the way baseball was meant to be played.

St. Louis Brown Stockings        www.stlbrownstockings.com            Contact Us By Email

Vintage Base Ball Team based in Kirkwood, MO playing the way the game was played in 1860!

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Brian “Ricochet” Robison resurrected the Union club in 2004 and based it in the north St. Louis County suburb of Florissant.



The club’s home field is located at Jefferson Barracks Park.